Club swimmers defeat Del Valley

First Posted: 2/12/2012

The Dallas Mountaineer Aquatic Club girls and boys teams scored victories over the Hanover Aqua Hawks in the Northeast PA Age Group Swim League on Feb. 4. The girls took a 160-87 win while the boys swam to a 161-58 victory. following swimmers placed in their events:

Amanda Puza, second; Hayley Vasek, third

Hayley Vasek, second; Savanna Eneboe, third

Lauren Hurst, second; Gabriela Krochta, third

Hannah Kline, second; Emma Thomas, third

Lauren Hurst, second; Brooke Martin, third

Julia Sabol, first; Sydney Bittner, second

Ava Baur, first; Hunter Kline, second

Madison Federici, first; Abigail Bartuska, second; Hannah Thomas, third

Hunter Kline, first; Abigail Bartuska, second

Ava Baur, first; Julia Sabol, second

Madison Federici, first; Emma Berger, second

Annalise Cheshire, first; Lindsey Jorda, third

Madison Hurst, first; Jordyn Miller, second

Abby Zolner, first; Madison Hurst, second

Abby Zolner, first; Jordyn Miller, second; Peyton Ross, third

Annalise Cheshire, first; Holly Holthaus, second

Heather Shively, first; Taylor Cercone, second

Julia Baur, first

Joy Nave, first; Samantha Rinehimer, third

Julia Baur, second

Lauren Finnegan, second

Krista Vivian, second; Amanda Miller, third

Lauren Finnegan, third

Krista Vivian, first

Gary Weaver, second

John Andrews, second; Lucas Bartron, third

Richard DeLuna, first

Gary Weaver, third

Aidan Chapple, first; Gabriel DeLuna, second

David Lipinski, first; Max Bartron, second

Max Bartron, first; Zachary Blockus, third

Logan Stambaugh, first; Samuel Zondlo, third

Logan Stambaugh, first; Samuel Zondlo, second; Jack Costello, third

Bobby DeLuna, first; Zachary Blockus, second

David Lipinski, first; Dennis Dukinas, second

Tyler Manzoni, first; Evan Sabecky, second

Thomas Manzoni, first; Troy Reinert, second

Thomas Manzoni, first; Andrew Herrick, second

Donovan McCall, first; Andrew Herrick, second; Garrett Pall, third

Troy Reinert, first; Zachary Charlton, third

Tyler Manzoni, first; Evan Sabecky, second

Dominic Augustine, first; Jared Krawetz, third

Tyler Dragon, first; Brogan Stec, second

Porter Luksic, first

Dominic Augustine, first

Porter Luksic, first

Dominic Augustine, first; Jared Krawetz, third

Porter Luksic, first; Brogan Stec, third

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