Students carry on egg dyeing tradition

First Posted: 4/8/2012

Kindergarteners at Wycallis Elementary School hopped to it on April 2 – literally.

After receiving detailed instructions, the youngsters in Victoria Flynn’s class bounced to their work areas, rolled up their sleeves and performed a colorful Easter tradition – egg dyeing.

Students in Flynn’s and Susan Crahall’s classes have been dyeing eggs for the past few years as a way to include everyone in the celebration.

“Some children never get to do this at home, so we do it at school,” said Flynn, whose 5-year-old daughter Ellie also took part in the fun.

“I like Easter because it’s my birthday,” Ellie Flynn said as she carefully dipped a hard-boiled egg into yellow dye. Her birthday is on April 19, but she likes to celebrate all month long.

She also likes the many surprises the Easter bunny brings.

“I got chicks for my birthday one year, and one year for Easter we were checking on the hens, and I saw these brown things in the back and asked what they were and my mom said the Easter bunny brought rabbits,” she said.

The class also prepped for an Easter egg hunt for the next day. Parents filled hundreds of Easter eggs with trinkets for the tykes to enjoy and hid them in the school playground.

Five-year-old Adam Perry, of Dallas, said Easter egg hunts are his favorite activity during the spring season, and he’s pretty good at it, too.

“I like to hide the eggs in tricky places,” said Perry, who dyed all of his eggs green.

Trinity Basara, 5, of Dallas, enjoys egg dyeing most during the Easter season, and she planned to paint all her eggs purple.

Basara said she and her family had plans to visit her nana on Easter for a big meal.

“We make ham and kielbasa,” said Basara’s nana, Sandy Vensky of Duryea, who volunteered at the event.

Nathan Hinsdale, 6, of Dallas, was excited about all the different colors available to him in the classroom. He made multi-colored eggs, like green splashed with pink and yellow dipped in blue.

“My favorite part of Easter is having fun,” he said.

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