Brownies tour Geisinger Dallas Clinic

First Posted: 3/18/2012

Members of Brownie Troop #32647, of Dallas, recently visited the Geisinger Dallas Clinic where Dr. Huntington treated the Girl Scouts to a tour of the facility. The girls were each able to check their weight and blood pressure and had the opportunity to look inside Dr. Huntington’s ear with the otoscope. The tour also included a visit to the x-ray room. Dr. Huntington reviewed basic First Aid with the Brownie Troop, allowing the girls to complete their final step in earning their First Aid “Try It” badges.Shown here with Dr. Huntington are, from left, first row, Jessica Allen, Lauren Butwin. Second row, Madison Carlsson, Emma Brown, Morgan Williams, Maggie Ropietski, Emily Williams, Ryan Costello. Third row, Jenna Stanski, Nadia Evanosky, Hannah Blazure, Cara Pocono, Marigrace Huntington, Morgan Sakulich, Chloe Zondlo, Jordan Banks and Alyssa Pritchard.

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