Local municipal leaders reorganize for the new year

First Posted: 1/8/2012

At Tuesday’s reorganizational meeting and subsequent regular January meeting, the board of supervisors voted to reappoint Dave Sutton as chairman, Ray Iwanowski as vice chairman, Jon Rogers as secretary and Alvin Cragle as treasurer. Roger’s annual salary is set at $16,000 and Cragle will be paid an annual salary of $16,500.
The board also voted to reappoint Douglas Ide as the township roadmaster at a salary of $11,000 per year.
The hourly rate for full-time road department operators and drivers is set at $16.75 and $13.40 for part-time employees.
The board also made the following appointments: Marian DeAngelis as assistant secretary at an hourly rate of $10.30, Peter Savage as solicitor at a rate of $600 per month, John Haley as counsel for the zoning hearing board and planning commission at an hourly rate of $40 and also a flat rate of $100 per meeting, Michael Sholtis as zoning officer at a salary of $7,800 per year, and Barbara Simms as assistant zoning officer at a salary of $5,600 per year.
The board appointed Simms as the planning commission administrator, also at a salary of $5,600 per year, Howard Kocher as chief of police at an annual salary of $40,480, Damian Hoover as full-time police sergeant at an annual salary of $32,530, part-time police officers Harold Cain, Charles Musial, Tyler Wilson, Christy M. Elias, Mark Liparela, Donald Wright, and Kevin Novackowski at a rate of $14 per hour; and Donna R. Chamberlain, Elizabeth Chamberlain and Rachel R. Simmonette as township auditors for 2012 at a salary of $1,000 each.
Council reorganized Tuesday night and four new council members were sworn into office.

New council members Amy Williams, Michell’e Boice, Thomas Kehler and Ed Kelly took their oaths of office.
Council member Larry Radel was elected as council president and council member Fran Kopko was selected to be vice president.
Susan Sutton was reappointed as the borough secretary.
Council approved the following tax rates for 2012: property taxes at .704 mills, occupational privilege tax at $10, real estate transfer tax 1 percent, per capita tax at $5 and earned income tax at 1 percent.
The following fees were also approved: a $10 Job Johnnie fee, $20 zoning permit fee, $100 amusement tax fee, $10 burning permit fee, and a $195 garbage fee per residence.
Council approved the following borough appointments: Andrew Luzetski as zoning officer, Bill Mann to the municipal authority, Charles McCormick as solicitor, John Belles as sewage enforcement officer, John Brokenshire as accountant, Prociak & Associates as auditor.
PennEastern Engineers was appointed as borough engineer and as the third-party uniform construction code inspector.
Ken Kale, Rick Amy and Taft Truska III were reappointed to the third party uniform construction code appeals board.
Joe Reilly was reappointed to the zoning hearing board until December 2014.
Council appointed George Gwilliam as the vacancy board chairperson.
Rich Williams III was reappointed as the emergency management coordinator.
Council approved both the zoning hearing board and the planning commission to appoint their own secretaries at a rate of $50 per meeting.
The next Harveys Lake council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17 in the municipal building.
Supervisors reorganized on Tuesday evening and announced dates for the annual spring cleanup program.
Ted Dymond III was sworn into office for another six-year term. He was also voted chairman. Supervisor Michael Prokopchak was selected as vice chairman.
Rick Melvin was reappointed as secretary and treasurer.
Art Owen Sr. was reappointed as roadmaster and zoning officer. Art Owen Jr. was reappointed as a road department employee.
Vito DeLuca, Erik Dingle and Charles McCormick were reappointed as solicitors.
Trumbower & Associates, Borton Lawson and SM Design Group were appointed as township engineers.
Os Patton was reappointed as the sewage enforcement officer and Donald Carey was reappointed as an alternate.
Brett Slocum was chosen as the township tax collector.
Dave Broadhead and Dave Williams were selected as building inspectors in the township.
Joseph Garlan and George Kovalick were named as emergency management coordinators.
The supervisors reappointed the following people to the planning commission: Frank Hilstosky, Joseph Garlan, Scott Latoski, Pat Perry and Sandy Race.
The following zoning hearing board members were reappointed: Jerry McDonald, Ryan Blazure and Fred Risch. John Smith was named as an alternate.
Jim Payne, Jeff Thomas, Davida Roberts, William Arnold and Sherry Emershaw were appointed to the recreation board.
At a regular meeting that followed, supervisors announced the annual spring cleanup will be held May 4 and 5 at the municipal building on Municipal Road. The board also approved the roadmaster to solicit bids for trash haulers.
The next Franklin Township board of supervisors meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 7 in the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Hall at 329 Orange Rd., Dallas.
The board of supervisors reorganized Tuesday and three supervisors took oaths of office.

Supervisors James Reino Jr. and Jeffrey Box were sworn into another term. Box had chosen not to run for re-election, but won as a write-in candidate and decided to serve the term.
Newcomer Gary Mathers was also sworn into office. Mathers recently completed tenure as a Dallas School Board member.
Reino was named chairman, and Box was appointed as vice chairman. Supervisor Shirley Moyer was approved as township secretary.
Reino was also named board member for the Back Mountain Community Partnership, with Moyer as an alternate.
Kathleen Sebastian was appointed as assistant secretary, treasurer, chief administrative officer of the police pension fund and representative for the NEPA Insurance Cooperative Board.
Karen Rose was appointed as the township tax collector. Don Wilkinson was appointed as the earned income tax collector.
Bonita & Rainey was appointed as the township auditor for 2012 and was approved to conduct an audit for fiscal year 2010.
Benjamin Jones III was appointed as the solicitor for the board of supervisors and planning commission. James Valentine was appointed as a solicitor for labor issues. Donald Brobst was selected as a solicitor for the zoning hearing board, with John Dean as an alternate.
Christopher Borton of Borton Lawson was appointed as the township engineer.
The following board appointments were approved by the supervisors: Robert Kline to the zoning hearing board, Michael Luksic to the civil service commission, William Runner to the police pension fund board of trustees, Robert Hivish to the recreation commission, Rich Wydra to the recreation commission, Frank Dempsey to the uniform construction code appeals board and Dale Englehart to the uniform construction code appeals board.

John Turner was named as the emergency management administrator.
Bill Eck was appointed as the recording secretary to the planning commission, uniform construction code appeals board and zoning hearing board.
Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust was selected as depository for all township funds.
The next Kingston Township board of supervisors meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 11 in the municipal building.
Supervisors reorganized at a meeting Tuesday evening.
Supervisor Lonnie Piatt named chairman, though he was not present at the meeting. Supervisor Amy Salansky was elected as vice chairwoman.
J. Carlene Price was appointed as secretary and treasurer and building permit liaison at a salary of $625 per month.
Larry Meeker was appointed as road foreman at $16 per hour and Wayne Meeker and Dick Schooley were appointed as road department employees at $15.80 per hour.
Mark McNealis was appointed as the township solicitor at $100 per hour.
William Bilby was appointed as sewage enforcement officer and John Belles as alternate to be paid on an established fee schedule.
The next meeting of the Lake Township Board of Supervisors will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 8 in the municipal building.
Supervisors reorganized on Tuesday evening and one supervisor was sworn into office.
David Williams took an oath of office for another six-year term. He was also named vice chairman.
Supervisor Stan Davis was named chairman and Terry Davis was appointed as secretary and treasurer.
Central Tax was chosen as the earned income tax collector and Berkherimer was selected as the local services tax collector.
Supervisors also approved the following appointments: William Bilby as sewage enforcement officer with John Belles as an alternate, David Williams as roadmaster, Bill Ferrey as assistant roadmaster, David Lipka as legal counsel, Bob Walsh as vacancy board chairperson, Stan Davis as emergency management coordinator and Fred Mooney as sanitary authority board member.

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