Locals swim to win vs. Abington

First Posted: 1/15/2012

The Dallas Mountaineer Aquatic Club remained undefeated in the Northeast PA Age Group Swim League season with an impressive win at Abington on Saturday, Jan. 7 setting up a showdown with the Wilkes-Barre CYC swim team today. The following swimmers placed in their events:
Lauren Hurst, first; Hayley Vasek, second; Jordan Bond, third
Lauren Hurst, second
Amanda Puza, third
Hannah Kline, second; Emma Thomas, third
– Amanda Puza, second; Brooke Martin, third
Madison Federici, first; Emma Berger, third
Emma Berger, first; Abigail Bartuska, second
Julia Sabol, second; Hunter Kline, third
Julia Sabol, first; Hannah Thomas, third
Ava Baur, first
Ava Baur, first; Sydney Bittner, second
Annalise Cheshire, first
Abby Zolner, first; Jordyn Miller, third
Madison Hurst, first; Taylor Cercone, third
Jordyn Miller, first; Taylor Cercone, second; Peyton Ross, third
Annalise Cheshire, first; Holly Holthaus, third
Abby Zolner, first; Holly Holthaus, third
Lauren Finnegan, first; Felicia Brittain, second
Krista Vivian, second; Felicia Brittain, third
Julia Baur, first
Lauren Finnegan, second; Joy Nave, third
Krista Vivian, second; Amanda Miller, third
Kathleen Brown, second; Samantha Rinehimer, third
Julia Baur, first; Kathleen Brown, second
Ethan Meuser, second; Tanner Manzoni, third
Tal Richards, second; Tanner Manzoni, third
Gary Weaver, first
Ethan Meuser, first; Thomas Doran, second; Gabriel DeLuna, third
Gary Weaver, first; Gabriel DeLuna, second
David Lipinski, second; Zachary Blockus, third
David Lipinski, first
Samuel Zondlo, first; Patrick Reddington, second
David Lipinski, first; Logan Stambaugh, third
Bobby DeLuna, first
Bobby DeLuna, first; Samuel Zondlo, second
Thomas Manzoni, first; Andrew Herrick, third
Donovan McCall, second; Andrew Herrick, third
Thomas Manzoni, first
Tyler Manzoni, first; Conner McAndrew, third
Troy Reinert, first
Tyler Manzoni, second
Dominic Augustine, first; Brogan Stec, third
Jared Krawetz, second; Cameron Shaner, third
Porter Luksic, first
Jarod Willis, second
Dominic Augustine, first; Jared Krawetz, third
Jarod Willis, second
Brogan Stec, second; Cameron Shaner, third
The team travels to the Wilkes-Barre CYC today, Jan. 15.

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