Only Yesterday

First Posted: 4/1/2012

20 YEARS AGO – 1992

Sunny yellow daffodils will brighten the Back Mountain as the Wyoming Valley Cancer Society delivers bunches of the cheerful flowers for “Daffodil Days,” this week. Student Council members from the Dallas Middle School were a great help in taking orders. Participants included Allison Cutter, Kenny Hoover, Danielle Shanaberger, Beth Wagner, Ted Jackson, Trapper Smith, Keith Rondinella, Lis Barrett, Leigh Robinson, Ann Bishop, Amanda Andere, Shannon Kane, Julie Haas, Matt Sowcik, Kevin McDonald, Scott Townsend, Mary Ann Selenski and Joe Tarity.

Brownie Troop 704 from Lake Noxen Elementary visited the Back Mountain Foot Center last week. Dr. Peter Kaminski demonstrated the equipment in the office and gave each Brownie a foot check-up. Participants included Tawnya Roberts, Becky Finch, Amy Ruda, Mary Yurksis, Kim Jones, Melissa Brelsford, Angela Burak, Christie Gordan, Tara Burak, Maureen White, Carrie Gordan, Stephanie Frank and Kristen Ruda.

30 YEARS AGO – 1982

Karen Reabuck, a junior at Dallas Senior High School, has been nominated to attend the Penn State Scholars program. This program was established by Penn State to recognize and reward high achieving students and to introduce these students to the educational opportunities available to them at Penn State. Karen is an honor student who has maintained a 4.0 average since the eighth grade.

Winners in the Rossetti Art Contest held by Sue Hand at her art studio in Dallas included Stefanie Kravits, Elizabeth Scott, Karen Robinson, Maura Mundy, Kiersten Fries, Lisa Bebey, Denise Grey, Tami Fey, Terrell Smith, Tracy Davis, Scott Ciravolo and Anne Seagrave-Daly.

40 YEARS AGO – 1972

Members of the varsity squad of Gate of Heaven’s basketball team received monogrammed jackets at an awards banquet held recently. Team members are: Douglas Lieberman, Douglas Rende, Frank Regukonis, James Sundra, Joe Mihalick, Joe Onzik and Michael Soldo. Cheerleaders who were honored at the banquet included Michele McHale, Ann Rondinella, Karen Fertal, Sharon Popson, Mary Hession, Carolyn McFadden, Debbie Martin, Diane Godleski Ann Goeringer and Janine Carey.

The Bald Mountain Trio, comprised of Jay Miller, Brad Hochhalter and Jay Futch, won the grand prize for a high school popular performance at the Kiwanis Club of Dallas’ sixth annual “Festival of Music” Monday night at the Wilkes College Center for the Performing Arts. The trio performed a folk rock edition on “Judy Blue Eyes.” The three Dallas High School seniors who organized last fall have become a popular grpoup locally and have played in other areas also.

50 YEARS AGO – 1962

The Red Cross Roll Call for Noxen and the vicinity comes to completion today. Chairman of the charity event was Mrs. Earl Crispell. Others involved included Mrs. Ira Beahm, Mrs. Wheeler Hess, Mrs. Bernard Dendler Sr., Mrs. Elvin Bean, Mrs. George Macialek, Mrs. Robert Timko, Mrs. Donna Meeker, Mrs. George Brody, Mrs. Richard Smith and Mrs. Fred Case.

Dallas Junior High School Girls Chorus took second place Saturday afternoon in the 73rd Cynonfardd Eisteddfod held at Dr. Edwards Congregational Church in Edwardsville. Alfred M. Camp directed the chorus. A four year old Trucksville child took a first and a second place. Mary Jenkins placed first with her recitation, “The Lion” and second for her rendition of “Hickory Dickory Dock.”

60 YEARS AGO – 1952

March 11, the girls’ basketball team of Westmoreland High School captured the Back Mountain Girls’ Basketball Championship by trouncing Dallas Township 42 to 25. Team members are: Betty Johnson, Nancy Schooley, Hilda Sutton, Mary Evans, Roseann Pavlick, Barbara Davis, Elizabeth Johnson, Bobby-Lee Crews, Beverly Morgan, Barbara Balut, Judith Greener, Faith Harding and Mary Ellen Weigel.

William Guyette, prominent Back Mountain business man and veteran, was elected president of Kingston Township Veterans’ Association at its annual meeting Tuesday night at the club house in Trucksville.

70 Years Ago – 1942

Employees and former employees of the Commonwealth Telephone Company enjoyed a delightful dinner party at Hislop’s on Monday evening. Guest list included Miss Elizabeth Bunny, Mrs. Russell Shaver, Miss Irene Oney, Mrs. Ruth Gregg, Mrs. Marion O’Dell, Mrs. William Lancio, Mrs. Margaret Stewart, Mrs. Howard Tinsley, Mrs. Edward Ward, Mrs. James Gensel, Misses Velma Haring, Stella Mission, Margaret Gerlach, Jane Case, Alice Oberst, Beverly Besecker, Jean Cole, Dorothy Harmond, Louise Malkemes, Betty Bilbow and Mrs. Frances Gavigan.

The curtain will go up at 8 o’clock tonight on “Cross My Heart,” a comedy in three acts presented by the Junior Class of Dallas Township High School in the school auditorium. The cast includes James Harfman, Miriam Moore, Shirley Goss, Harold Dymond, Lawrence Smith, Betty Kepner, Louis Achuff, Marian Jackson, Edward Juba, Isabelle Veitch, Robert Patrick, Edith Spencer and Betty Kreidler.

Information for “Only Yesterday” is taken from past issues of The Dallas Post which is 122 years old. The information is printed here exactly as it appeared in the newspaper years ago.

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