Gary Booth named to deputy EM post

First Posted: 3/25/2012

Lake Township supervisors addressed water run-off and junk car problems while appointing a deputy emergency management coordinator at their monthly meeting March 19.

Last week, supervisors were notified about storm water run-off crossing county-owned Main Road and flooding a resident’s property and home, as well as flowing into Maple Grove Cemetery.

In an effort to resolve the issue, a meeting has been scheduled for April 11 with State Representative Karen Boback (R-Harveys Lake), the county engineer and other officials to determine the best solution for the problem, Supervisor Amy Salansky said.

“The area will need some sort of drainage system,” Salansky said. “It is a low spot.”

Supervisors authorized Mark McNealis, township attorney, to send a registered letter to property owners of 171 Maple Tree Rd., regarding several junk cars on the property.

Salansky said the township ordinance states a property should not have more than two unregistered vehicles at a time. When asked the amount of vehicles on the property, Salansky said there are more than two and it is unsightly.

In other news, Gary Booth was unanimously appointed Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator to represent Lake Township in the Back Mountain Emergency Management Agency.

The Back Mountain EMA is comprised of Dallas, Lehman, Jackson and Kingston Townships and Dallas Borough. The agreement started two years ago to forge a working relationship between the municipalities to better serve the Back Mountain residents.

Also, Lonnie Piatt, supervisor chairman, announced guide rails will be installed on the new Sorber Mountain E. Bridge. He said supervisors will look to the county for reimbursement for the work since the bridge is county owned.

Secretary Carlene Price announced the annual Spring Clean-Up is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 12.

The next Lake Township municipal meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 11 in the municipal building.

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