PVR Partners does routine testing on Dallas pipeline

First Posted: 7/24/2012

An alert was sent to Dallas Township residents about routine testing on the newly constructed PVR Partners natural gas pipeline.

From PVR Partners (formerly Chief Gathering):

This notification is to inform you that we will be performing a routine operational activity as part of the pipeline construction and integrity that may produce unusual noise that my alarm members of your community.

The pipeline has been hydro tested and de-watered. However, residual water that remains in low points of the pipe must be purged from the pipeline by passing a “pig” through the pipeline which essentially “squeegees” the pipeline’s interior, allowing it to completely dry. The pig will be moved through the pipeline using air, not natural gas. The release of the air will create the noise.

This operation will occur over the next few days. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may have.

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