Titanic memorabilia displayed at library

First Posted: 3/18/2012

The sinking of the Titanic happened 100 years ago in April 1912 and is an event in history that continues to fascinate us even today. This month at the Back Mountain Memorial Library, in commemoration of this event, 10-year old Ian Atkinson will display his Titanic collection.

Ian has been collecting for three years and has put together models of the ship with help from his dad. He said his Nana bought one of the model kits while traveling in Germany and carried it “gently” across the Alps and then held it on the plane ride home.

Ian’s interest in the story of the Titanic began when a friend in first grade talked to him about it. His favorite item in the collection is the Titanic book by Robert Ballard. Ian likes it best because “it has a lot of information, nice artwork and some photographs.”

Ian is a fourth-grade student at Dallas Elementary School and lives in Wyoming with his parents, Duane and Karen Atkinson, his younger sister, Jessica, and their cat, Henry.

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