DYB game results

First Posted: 1/18/2009

5th & 6th GRADE BOYS

Dallas Rotary 26

Fieldhouse 24

Ryan Martin scored 12 points and Jamie Flores and Adam Niznik added six each to lead Dallas Rotary to a 26-24 win over Fieldhouse Sporting Goods. Matt Harrison added two points and controlled the boards for Rotary.

Ryan Marshall led Fieldhouse with six points, followed by Jonathan Wilson with five points. Nick Mathers and Jesse Kincer added twp points each.

Eye Care Specialists 34

DeLuca Law 21

Eric Pincofski and Brian Drouse combined for 25 points as Eye Care Specialists defeated Vito DeLuca Law Offices, 34-21. Aaron Yurko added seven points and Zach Dotter led the defense for Eye Care.

Allen Fell led DeLuca Law with 12 points and David Simpson added four. Jeff Strazdus anchored the defense while Anthony DeLuca led in assists.

UGI/Penn Natural 35

Smith Insurance 25

Matt Ross scored 31 points and Jonathan Sabatini added four to lead UGI/Penn Natural Gas over Smith Insurance Group Inc., 35-27. Brendan Balara led UGI on defense while Anthony Brominski controlled the boards.

Donald Michalisin led Smith Insurance with nine points, supported by Zach Connolly with eight, Kyle Piscorik with five, Chris Menning with three and Frankie Bevevino with two.

Bishop Photo 35

Gattuso Group 34

Omar Nijmeh scored 19 points and Daniel Mingey added eight to lead Bishop Photo over Gattuso Group, 35-34. Chad Phillips added six points for Bishop Photo while Mitch Kelly pulled down several key rebounds.

Jake Archer led Gattuso Group with 13 points while Ray Ostroski added eight and Kyle Archer seven. Keith Gillette had several key assists.


Gattuso Group 6-2

Eye Care Specialists 5-2

Dallas Rotary 5-2

UGI/Penn Natural Gas 3-4

Vito DeLuca Law Offices 3-4

Bishop Photo 3-4

7th & 8th GRADE BOYS

Grotto Pizza 56

Gallis Insurance 52

John Murray led Grotto Pizza to a 56-52 overtime victory over Gallis Insurance by hitting for 34 points. Murray hit from all over the court, including four big 3-point shots. Greg Petorek added 10 while Blake Willams tossed in eight.

Felix Doleman led the insurance men with 22 point while JT Carey tossed in 11. Billy Gately and Chris Behm added eight apiece.

Banas, Byron & Kim 55

Dr. John Kish

Jason Siminovich led Drs. Banas, Byron & Kim to a 55-44 victory over Dr. John Kish by scoring 22 points. Justin Brojakowski was hot outside, scoring 12 while Danny Saba added nine.

Kyle Razawich was high man for Dr. Kish with 17 points. Chad Debona tossed in 12.

Luxury Limousine 34

DeLuca Law 28

Luxury Limousine cruised to a 34-28 victory over Deluca Law Offices. Nathan Kish was the key driver, scoring 12. Chase Makowski tossed in 10 while Ryan Kozlosky played tough defense and added seven.

Eric Zawatsky led the attorneys, scoring 18. Mariano Medico tossed in six and Dominic Deluca added four.

Bishop Photo 59

Medico Industries 47

Bishop Photo flashed to a 59-47 victory over Medico Industries led by a 23-point effort from Rudy Gorgetti. Brian Stepniak played tough on the boards, tossing in 16 while Kyle Zumchak added 12.

Ryan Zapoticky was high scorer for Medico with 15. Buddy Shutlock added eight while Steve Wempa played well, scoring eight.

Grotto Pizza 70

Medico Industries 50

Grotto Pizza delivered Medico Industries another loss, 70-50, with all members of the 9-1 pizza boys chipping in to secure the victory. John Murray shot great, scoring 24 from the outside. Blake Willams and Greg Petorek combined for 12 apiece. Michael Carey secured the inside, adding seven.

Medico was led by Ryan Zapoticky scoring 19 and Jory Brezinski had his best performance of the year, scoring 18 and grabbing 15 rebounds.

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