First Posted: 11/15/2009

Banas, Bryon & Kim 47

DeLuca Law 36

Brian Banas scored 29 points and led a second-half comeback as Dr. Banas, Dr. Bryon and Dr. Kim edged the Deluca Law Office Raptors, 47-36. Aleksey Gitelson added six points for the Knicks while Jonathan Wilson added four.

Aaron Napkora and Allen Fell combined for 25 points for the Raptors while Dominic DeLuca added four points.

Fieldhouse 57

Dr. Collini 33

Kyle Razawich had 20 points and Michael Pierce added 14 as the Spurs from Fieldhouse Sporting Goods topped the Bulls from Francis J. Collini, M.D., 57-33. Eric Pincofski added nine points for the Spurs while J.T. Carey led the Bulls with 15 points.

Greg Smith had eight points and David Pomfret added four points.

Luxury Limousine 57

Frontier 32

Carl Gross scored a game-high 18 points as the Luxury Limousine Lakers defeated the Frontier Communication Magic, 57-32. Chad DeBona added 16 points for the Lakers and Blake Williams had 13.

Billy Gately led the Magic attack with 15 points while Steven Wempa added six and Nick Muldoon chipped in five.

Bishop Photo 44

Medico Industries 40

Matt Saba and Zach Connolly combined for 32 points as the 76ers from Bishop Photo survived a 44-40 victory over the Celtics from Medico Industries.

Nigel Stearns added five points for the 76ers while Mariano Medico led the Celtics with 21 points, followed by Jory Brezinski with 10 and Aaron Yurko with seven.

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