Pittston Area absenteeism soars amid swine flu fears

First Posted: 10/7/2009

YATESVILLE — Nearly 20 percent of +Area+School+District%22>Pittston Area School District students were absent Wednesday, some with flu-like illnesses reported as the reason.

District Superintendent George Cosgrove said that eight parents have called this week reporting their son or daughter had seen a doctor and they were told they had the swine flu.

He said the state department of health had been informed Monday when the first calls were received but school has remained in session, though parents have been informed of the situation and urged to remind their children to use proper hygiene.

The hardest hit school with absenteeism Wednesday was Pittston Area High School where 299 of the 1,104 students called off or went home. That’s 27 percent of the student body.

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