First Posted: 12/6/2009

The following property transfers have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of Recorder of Deeds:

Craig Tupper to Carl Tupper, Lot 28F, Glenview Terrace, Dallas; $29,500

Ann Marie Derhammer to Joseph Liparella, Lot 8, Dallas; $113,449

Albert Gulitus to Tracey Halowich, Lot 53C Fairview, Dallas; $146,300

Ronald Simon to Tanstaafl, LLC, Lot 26 & 36, Dallas; $160,000

Teresa Wignot to Jason Keown, 15 Marabee Ave., Dallas; $171,000

Peggy Smith to Mark Kinsey, .3483 acre, Harveys Lake; $98,958

Shanan Valli to Taft Truska IV, Harveys Lake; $78,280

Timothy Smith to Cary Woodman, RR 206B, Meeker Outlet Rd., Harveys Lake; $49,000

Nancy London to John Their, Lehman; $45,000

George Maculloch to Mark Callahan, Lehman; $25,000

Joseph Melchiona to Marzena Kopczynski, Shavertown; $115,000

Robert Smith to Michael Church, Lot 32, Windsor Farms, Shavertown; $64,900

Josie K. Wardan estate to Joshua Kraintz, Sweet Valley; $135,000

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