First Posted: 7/19/2009

The following Back Mountain property transfers have been recorded in the office of the Luzerne County Recorder of Deeds:

Timothy Kennedy to National City Bank, 5 Marywood Dr., Dallas; $2,842

Ruth E. Ide estate to Edward Fox, Lot 1568, Parrish plot, Dallas; $91,000

Frank J. Macho estate to Michael Barlow, Lots 46 and 47, Dallas Heights, Dallas; $5,000

Mid-County Resources to Linda Mary Hannon, Dallas; $47,000

Ruth Horvath to Michael Mooney, Dallas; $175,000

Halbing-Amato Developers, LLC to Romanowski Development, .53 acre, Lot 90, Dallas; $54,000

Alan Pugh to Dennis Wengrzynek, Lot 3, Pugh Sub, Dallas; $80,000

Mid-County Resources to Ronald Lee Beck Sr., Dallas; $2,800

Katherine McDonough trustee to John Remus, Harveys Lake; $99,000

Victor Daylida III to James Yankowvich, Harveys Lake; $170,000

Robert Bednarski to Marc Ronczka, Lot 1, Taylor Sub, Harveys Lake; $44,900

Cathy Lee Jones to Marie Gray, Lot 3, Harveys Lake; $90,000

Carol Lincoln to Stanley Sims Jr., Shavertown; $96,000

Stephen Girman Sr. to Matthew Eichhorn, Lots 11, 20 and 21, Shavertown; $159,000

Terry Roberts to Joseph Kester, Lot 1, Parkhurst Sub, Shavertown; $250,000

Ronald Cross to Gloria Cregg, Sweet Valley; $289,900

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