property transfers

First Posted: 6/14/2009

The following Back Mountain property transaction have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds:

John Savickas to Megan Watkins, 8 parcels, Dallas; $138,000

Thomas R. Cleasby estate to Robert Hogan, 631 Main St., Dallas; $115,000

Thomas R. Cleasby estate to Robert Hogan, 629 Main St., Dallas; $65,000

Kenneth Anapol to Melvin Morris, Dallas; $90,000

Commonwealth Telephone Co. LLC to Misericordia University, Dallas; $1,200,000

Arthur Howe to Scott Grendzinski, .242 acre, Shavertown; $100,000

Charles Headman to David Merithew, Lot 1, Shavertown; $85,000

Brian Bryk to Randy Rodkey, Lot 5, Meadow Crest, Shavertown; $187,500

Kerry Klinges to Ira Smith, Shavertown; $154,000

Kara Hunger to Robert Vanderveken, Lot 21, Shavertown; $90,000

John Simon per sheriff to AJT Properties, 115 Christine Ave., Shavertown; $65,000

Carl DeWitt to Donna Kachmar, Lot 16, Shavertown; $125,000

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