Ready to hit the trail

First Posted: 7/9/2009

The Anthracite Scenic Trails Association (ASTA) announced the Trucksville Stairs portion of the Back Mountain Trail opening Wednesday afternoon.

The stairs on Carverton Road serve an entrance and exit on the Luzerne County walking trails project. If walkers continue on the path from Trucksville it will lead them to Luzerne, a 2-mile walk, Association President Judy Rimple said.

If they are walking to the stairs from Dallas they will walk 2.5 miles from Lower Demunds Road in Trucksville.

Kingston Township officials gave the association as easement to build the stairs and use some of the old railroad bed.

Due to recent flooding, the Wildcat Falls bridge is temporarily closed until repairs can be made.

The Back Mountain Trail has completed five miles of the Luzerne County trail system.

The Back Mountain Bloomers presented a $10,000 check from money it raised in its recent Back Mountain Gardens tour.

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