Mother and her two sons display their art work at the Dallas branch of Citizens Bank

First Posted: 8/9/2009

The Dallas branch of the Citizens Bank exhibited a three-person show of artwork by Dallas residents Diane Levandoski and her two sons, Stephen and Andrew.

Levandoski and her family have traveled extensively and many of the paintings are scenes of those trips. They include Cape May, Key West, Bryce Canyon, Grand Cayman, and Greece.

The three artists work in watercolor, colored pencil, pastel, pen and ink, acrylic and oil and have all studied art with Sue Hand, Dallas.

Diane Levandoski is an ophthalmologist at the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Stephen is entering his junior year at Yale University and is currently studying Mandarin in Beijing, China. Andrew attends Wyoming Seminary Lower School and will enter eighth grade in the fall. Andrew painted on location with Hand at the 2008 Back Mountain Library Auction.

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