First Posted: 11/1/2009

The Tiger Cubs of Pack 155, of Trucksville United Methodist Church, received Immediate Recognition Emblems at their last den meeting for knowing the Cub Scout sign, salute and motto.In addition to earning the Immediate Recognition Emblem, Jacob Banta, Ethan Shilanski, Austin Sowga, and Matt Cheskiewicz earned two orange beads, one white bead and one black bead. Zack Chamberlain, Lucas Tomko and Dylan Roberts earned two orange beads and one black bead and Brady Dautrich earned one white bead, one orange bead and one black bead. From left, are Austin Sowga, Zack Chamberlain, Lucas Tomko, Matt Cheskiewicz, Dylan Roberts and Brady Dautrich. Absent at the time of the photo were Jacob Banta and Ethan Shilanski.

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