Fire, ambulance groups get state grants

First Posted: 1/15/2009

Volunteer emergency response organizations in the 117th Legislative District are slated to receive nearly $300,000 in state grants, state Rep. , R-Harveys Lake, announced Wednesday.

Grants were awarded to 41 local fire and ambulance companies in the 117th. The funding comes from the Volunteer Fire Company and Ambulance Service Grant Program administered by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

The local recipient fire and ambulance companies and the grant amounts are:

Benton Fire and Ambulance, $4,917; Benton Fire Co., $9,686; East Berwick Hose Co. No. 2, $10,621; Dallas Fire and Ambulance (EMS services), $4,917; Dallas Fire and Ambulance (fire services), $10,994; Dennison Township Fire Co., $9,500; Dorrance Township EMS, $4,553; Dorrance Township Fire Co., $9,500; Fairmount Township (EMS services), $4,917; Fairmount Township (fire services), $9,500; Franklin Township Fire Co., $9,725; Franklin/Northmoreland-EMS, $4,917; FWM Volunteer Fire Co., $10,578; Harveys Lake (EMS services), $4,917; Harveys Lake Fire Co., $9,852; Hobbie Fire Co. No. 1 (EMS services), $4,917; Hobbie Fire Co. No. 1 (fire services), $9,500; Hunlock Creek (EMS services), $4,917; Hunlock Creek Fire Co., $9,500; Huntington Valley EMS, $4,917; Huntington Valley Fire Co., $9,500.

Jonathan Davis Volunteer Fire Department, $9,500; Kunkle Fire Co. (EMS services), $4,917; Kunkle Fire Co. (fire services), $10,621; Lake Silkworth Ambulance, $4,917; Lake Silkworth Fire Co., $9,500; Lehman Township Fire Department, $10,060; Mountain Top Ambulance Association, $4,794; Mountain Top Hose Co. No. 1, $9,596; Nescopeck Ambulance (EMS services), $4,917; Nescopeck Township Fire Co., $9,500; Nescopeck Volunteer Fire Co., $9,686; Northmoreland Township Fire Co., $10,247; Noxen Ambulance-EMS, $4,917; Noxen Volunteer Fire Co., $10,621; Pond Hill-Lily Lake EMS, $4,917; Pond Hill-Lily Lake Volunteer Fire Co., $9,500; Salem Township Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1, $10,807; Shickshinny Volunteer Ambulance, $4,917; Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Co., $10,060; Sweet Valley Ambulance Association, $4,917; Sweet Valley Fire Co., $11,368; Wright Township Fire Department, $9,683.

The state program provides funding to build or renovate a fire or ambulance company facility, to purchase or repair equipment, to provide training or to reduce existing debt.

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