Dallas Borough residents reminded of several ordinances

First Posted: 6/14/2009

Resurfacing work begins

The Dallas Borough Road Department began work to resurface Red Ledge Drive the week of June 8. Resurfacing of Maplewood Drive and Highland Drive is planned for later in 2009.

Once the street has been resurfaced, the borough will not approve any utility pave cuts (other than for emergencies) for a period of up to five years.

Residents considering the installation of water, gas or other utility repairs or improvements should be advised that any and all utility cuts to the roadway will be required to be completed prior to the street resurfacing projects and then prohibited for the five-year moratorium noted above.

Anyone wish questions should call the Dallas Borough Road Department at 674-5362.

Ordinance reminder

Dallas Borough property owners are reminded of the borough ordinance requiring the appropriate maintenance of lawns.

Grass must be cut and weeds must be removed from private property in compliance with the Dallas Borough Code requiring that owners or occupants of properties within Dallas Borough are required to cut grass and weeds growing on their property.

The Dallas Borough enforcement officer will conduct routine inspections throughout the borough during the summer season.

Failure to comply with the ordinance may result in enforcement action by the Dallas Borough zoning enforcement officer, resulting in the possible assessment of fines and penalties for property owners who fail to comply with the regulations.

Questions pertaining to the enforcement of borough regulations should be directed to the Dallas Borough administrative offices at 675-1389.

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