DMS girls cage teams post victories

First Posted: 12/27/2009

Dallas Middle School girls basketball teams opened their season with both the seventh and eighth grades posting wins over GAR

The seventh-grade team easily handled the girls from GAR, grabbing a 28-9 victory.

The eighth-grade team from DMS had a tougher road to victory. Either team could have won this contest but the Dallas girls overcame early stumbles to claim a 26-24 victory.

The girls played Hanover last weekend at Wyoming Seminary Lower School.

The seventh-grade girls came home with a 36-12 victory after taking charge right from the start and scoring 12 points in the opening quarter while allowing only two for Hanover.

In the second quarter, the DMS the girls added another 10 and did not allow any points for the other team. In the third quarter, the girls from Dallas did not score a single point while Hanover made a good showing with 10 points.

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