Campus Ministry sheds light on hunger, homelessness

First Posted: 12/4/2008

Campus Ministry recognized Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, Nov. 16-21, by hosting a simulated Hunger Banquet to bring light to hunger and homelessness issues around the region and around the world. The more than 50 students, staff and faculty discussed their feelings and impressions as some ate a low-income meal of small portions of rice, pita and water, while others received a middle class meal of a hot dog and iced tea or a high-income, full-course meal complete with chicken, salad, pasta, vegetables, drinks and dessert. Participants also read place cards at each seat that told the story of various family situations and hunger issues in different countries. Shown Misericordia sophomore Lindsay Buss of Macungie, an occupational therapy major, shares her pasta dinner with fellow students Christina Kelljcheain of Jonas and Kristin Manes, a social work major from Perkiomenville, who were allotted only rice and water during the banquet.

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