Noxen third-graders give next president advice

First Posted: 4/22/2008

The next president should be trustworthy, nice to the people of America, save the animals and help orphans. At least, those are the opinions of Lake Noxen Elementary School third graders.

Teacher Kate Cronin asked her language arts students what qualities they think the president of the United States should have, and e-mailed the answers to The Times Leader. What did the youngster want most in their commander in chief?

"They should be trustworthy, be a person to look up to, and make good decisions." – Alexis Barker.

"The president should be fair with other countries, nice to the people, and mix their mistakes." – Mason Rios.

"The president should be truthful, kind and smart." – Dakota Kittle.

"They should know how to run the United States of America, they should be trustworthy, and they should not raise taxes." – Morgan Trindle.

"The president should learn all of the rules and follow them, help orphans, and be a kind president." – Cheyanne Brucher.

"They should be smart, a good leader, and trustworthy." – Robby Derhammer.

"They should have gone to college, shouldn’t raise taxes, and they should be nice to the people of American." – Brianna Heiser.

"The president should help the wounded soldiers, help the environment, and save the animals." -Marissa Moku.


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