Township employees attend training session

First Posted: 10/26/2008

Township Road and Street Department employees attended a training seminar/hands-on demonstrations on the proper uses of the Stinger Grader Blades at the Jackson Township Municipal Building by Bradco Supply Co., the distributor of Stinger Blades, and the Luzerne Conservation District, administrators of the Dirt and Gravel Road Program Grants. The municipal employees were instructed on the use of the Stinger Grader Blades and how to properly maintain dirt and gravel roads with the Stinger Blades, making a better driving surface and less cost of road materials and yearly maintainence. From left, are Adam Stefanowicz, Lehman Twp., Frank Ide; Lehman Twp.; Art Owen Sr., Franklin Twp; Cris Lathrop, Lehman Twp.; Dean Kreidler, Lehman Twp.; Hardy Spencer, Jackson Twp., Tim Bernick, Jackson Twp.; Art Owen Jr., Franklin Twp.; Jay Wilkes, Jackson Twp.; Duane Seltzer, Dorrance Twp., Todd Badman, Dorrance Twp.; Dave Heyer, Bradco Supply Company; John Belles, Union Twp.; Alan Sorber, Union Twp.; Dick Schooley, Lake Twp.; Wayne Meeker, Lake Twp. and Larry Meeker, Lake Twp.

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