Third-grade class learns CPR basics

First Posted: 6/8/2008

The third grade homeroom class of Regan Palfey at the Dallas Elementary School took learning to a new level last week when Maureen Oremus, a Franklin Township volunteer firefighter, taught the basics of CPR. A video was shown which illustrated the warning signs of a stroke and then, armed with a life-sized doll, Oremus showed the class step-by-step how to perform rescue breathing and CPR. She also taught the class how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on each other as well as how to dislodge a choking hazard. The students were advised to stay calm and give as much information as they had when calling 911. The students were also given a pocket guide for future reference. Oremus, top left, and Palfey, top right, are shown with students in the third grade class.

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