Shower for Jesus helps new moms

First Posted: 8/17/2008

The Center Moreland United Methodist Church Sunday School celebrated Christmas in July with a Baby Shower For Jesus on Sunday, July 27, during the Sunday School hour.

New gift-wrapped baby items were donated from church members and the Sunday School students and will be donated to His Resting Place, a new maternity home in Exeter.

The students opened the baby gifts while enjoying milk and cookies.

His Resting Place, located at 1067 Exeter Ave. in Exeter, is a maternity home dedicated to changing the lives of women and their babies. It provides a comfortable place for mothers to stay during their pregnancy and up to two months after the birth of their baby.

The staff at His Resting Place also helps with medical care, counseling, transportation, mothers seeking employment and permanent housing. They also help new mothers create a safe and rewarding life with their children.

For more information about His Resting Place, call Nita (Juanita) Sarnak at 654-0388.

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