Only Yesterday: Leighton Scott elected president of Dallas Community Ambulance Association in 1965

For Dallas Post


    For Dallas Post

    20 years ago — 1995

    Members of the Lake-Lehman band and chorus filled the Luzerne County Courthouse with the sounds of the season last Friday. Dusty Rhoades and Terry Newell provided some brass at the concert and Theresa Doty provided some sparkle on the xylophone.

    Recently an assembly at the Dallas Middle School honored 14 outstanding academic students who earned Honors with Distinction for the first marking period. Presented with certificates were Ryan Morgan, Candace Alaimo, Maria Bednash, Joan Kupstas, Kristen Scott, Robert Hivish, J.P. Urban, Kristen Geiser, Jennifer Noon, Erin Allardyce, Charles Everhart, Paul Saxon, Brian Downey and Laura Vodzak.

    30 years ago — 1985

    Dallas Senior High School art students, under the direction of Mrs. Jane Walzak, art instructor, recently spent the day at the Meadows Nursing center, Dallas, creating Christmas scenes on many windows in the facility for residents and staff to enjoy during this special season. Students who participated are Inci Turkoglu, Kim Metzger, Cindy King, Kristen Piatkowski, Lisa Gorman, Helen Fine, Cathy Hodle, Doreen Karrott, Mike Luksic and Joe Gilbert.

    Students from Gate of Heaven School, Dallas, were recently presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Marines for their participation in the annual Toys for Tots Campaign. Accepting the certificate on behalf of their fellow students were Cindy Capone, Maria Bigus, Melissa Malonis and Stephen Greger.

    Students of The Playschool, Dallas, recently held a Christmas program at the Meadows Nursing Center. Participants were Maura Narkiewicz, Rachel Hiller, DeAnna Springer, Eddie Novak, Joshua Mattey, Stephanie Pineno, Adam Schooley, Jennifer Howe, Tim Flanagan, Beth Kolojechick, Russell Wenrich and Russell Eyet.

    40 years ago — 1975

    The first grade classes at Dallas Borough elementary School recently investigated several aspects of the American Indian. Judy Roeder’s class made an Indian Totem Pole. Class members: Kristell Kocher, Meg Bevevino, Walter Karuser, Brian Sutton, Lisa Sharkness, Mark Richardson, Amy Wesley, Maura Mundy, Stephen Levitsky, Barbara Davies, Lori Ogurkis, Adra Shiner, Jonathan Dombek, Colleen Jordan, Larry Zekas, Martin Barry, Raymond Titus, Lisa Ide, Helen Fine and Todd Calkins.

    Six girls’ names hung on the Christmas tree in Lake-Lehman’s gym Friday night as the school’s junior class sponsored their annual semi-formal Christmas dance. The names, Diane Godleski, Mary Duffy, Gina Major, Barbara Kasakowski, Pam Phillips and Laurie Dockeray represented a selection by the juniors of candidates from the senior class one of which was to be named Lake-Lehman’s Christmas Queen. Chosen at random from the tree was Laurie Dockeray.

    50 years ago — 1965

    Five couples, all residing on Terrace Avenue, Trucksville, will celebrate the Christmas holidays together at a dinner party this Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Berg will be hosts. Others attending will be Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bolen, Mr. and Mrs. John Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moran and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hiller.

    Leighton Scott was elected president of Dallas Community Ambulance Association for the coming year, at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday night. James Davies, Robert Besecker and David Carey were elected vice presidents, first through third, Lynn Sheehan, secretary, and Ed Roth, treasurer.

    Keyettes and Key Clubbers performed their annual holiday vacation project at Dallas High School Thursday and Friday as they sorted clothing donated by students for those in need of apparel. Participants included Jeff Farley, Jimmy Snyder, David Kozemchak, Valerie Mallin, Sharon Yalick, Susan Moore, Nancy Crispell, Abby Jones, Ruth Besecker, Myra Berti, Bill Kyle, Bob Elston, Margaret Ryan and Jeff Townsend.

    60 years ago — 1955

    Dallas Rotary Club was entertained by seven girls from Westmoreland High School who presented a musical program at the weekly Thursday night dinner meeting at Irem Country Club. L.V. Kingsley was chairman. Entertainers were Carol Hemenway, Beverly Gosart, Sandra Sprout, Connie Chappel, Mary Dora Scott, Nancy Jane Jones, and Carol Lee Thomas.

    Ten members of YWCA Back Mountain Y-Teens will give a Christmas program, “A World Christmas Tree,” over WILK Saturday night at 10:45. Girls participating are Janice Bronson, Nancy and Doris Casterline, Joyce Major, Carolyn Marks, Janice Bertram, Janice Rinken, June Wesley, Marie and Rosalie Koslosky.

    Stephen Gregory, Hunlocks Creek, proved that age is no barrier to hunting, when he bagged a 175 pound albino buck at Forks Township. Mr. Gregory was 75 on Thanksgiving Day. The deer will be mounted for the Danville Rod and Gun Club, where Mr. Gregory has held membership for many years.

    70 years ago — 1945

    A number of local people enjoyed a progressive dinner party Saturday evening. The group started at the Clinton home at Huntsville, has dinner at the Gross hoe at Huntsville, and dessert at the Dr. Schooley hone at Shavertown. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Ide, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gross, Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Risley, Mr. and Mrs. Frank LeGrand, Dr. and Mrs. Sherman Schooley, and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Steelman.

    Men of Dallas Rotary entertained children of the community at their annual Christmas Party in Dallas Borough High School Saturday evening. Santa Claus was present and distributed gifts and holiday goodies to every one. Some of the boys and girls entertained were: Christopher Lacy, Mildred Pruett, Nancy Schooley, Norman Pace, Dan Roberts, Carl Roberts, Lee Ohlman, Tom Metz, Clark Mosier, Alan Mosier, Gail Payne, Sandra Payne, Robert Bodycomb, Richard Bodycomb, Glen Carey, Tom Morrow, Gail Jenkins, William Williams, Buddy VanCampen, Denis Ide, and Bob Richardson.

    The Dallas Post is 126 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

    The Dallas Post is 126 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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