Back Mountain students named to Wyoming Seminary Lower School honor roll

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FORTY FORT – Dr. Kathleen Hanlon, Dean of Wyoming Seminary Lower School, has announced the Back Mountain area students named to the Academic High Honor Roll and Academic Honor Roll for the spring trimester of the 2015-2016 academic year.

High Honor Roll

Grade 5: Helena Prusak, Shavertown; Kelly Santo, Dallas; Claire Stretanski, Shavertown; Chase Taylor, Shavertown.

Grade 6: Sophia Kruger, Shavertown; Jessie Miller, Shavertown; William Youngman, Dallas.

Grade 7: Hope Austin, Dallas; Christina Kaspar, Dallas; Ethan Kruger, Shavertown; Oliver Lew, Dallas; Heather Paglia, Shavertown; Abigail Santo, Dallas.

Grade 8: Katarina Banks, Dallas; Aishani Chauhan, Shavertown; Sarah Maseychik, Dallas.

Honor Roll

Grade 5: Aashima Chauhan, Shavertown; Gabriel deLuna, Dallas; Richard deLuna, Dallas; Ainsley Eidam, Dallas.

Grade 6: Margaret Barilla, Dallas; Gabriele Ruggiero, Shavertown; Victoria Smulowitz, Shavertown.

Grade 7: Max Kraus, Shavertown; Vivian Wright, Dallas.

Grade 8: Nicole Amoachi, Shavertown; Elena Fenster, Shavertown; Diane Friedman, Shavertown.

For Dallas Post

Information provided by Wyoming Seminary Lower School.

Information provided by Wyoming Seminary Lower School.

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