Back Mountain real estate transactions for the week of Jan. 4, 2016

The following Back Mountain real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Jan. 4, 2016:

Prestige Development Group LLC. to John D. Nardone, part of Dakota Drive, Dallas Township, $374,900.

Thomas A. and Nancy A. Weeks to Amanda M. Leonard, Lohman St., Kingston Township, $142,786.

Joanne Presper and Janet Bonk to Mary Jo Ennis, 45 Willow Way, Lehman Township, $175,000.

Brian Pennington to Steven A. Rogers, Route 29, Lake Township, $140,000.

James J. Feathersome to Donald R. and Joyce D. Lloyd, 437 Orchard Way, Dallas, $75,000.

Susquehanna Investors Limited to Patricia Ann and John Rehill, County Road, Dallas Township, $65,000.

Sujan Mathon, Surinder and Surjit Kaur and Baljeet Singh to John and Patricia Ann Rehill, five parcels on Maple Street, Dallas Township, $53,000.

Sharon Lee Van Loon to Jeremy Douglas and Christina M. Keogh, Sunset Terrace, Harveys Lake, $218,000.

William R. Jr. and Jane A. Loftus to James W. Barr, 337 Terrace St., Kingston Township, $175,100.

Edward J. and Doreen G. Osmulski to Frank Kocher, 112 Monroe Ave., Dallas, $152,500.

Michael Handley to David Cichocki, 191 Highland Ave., Kingston Township, $223,000.

Mikhail Chinikaylo to Aaron P. Sottolano, 36 Circle Drive, Kingston Township, $159,000.

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