Back Mountain real estate transactions for the weeks of March 14 and 21

The following Back Mountain Area real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of March 14 and 21, 2016:

James V. and Gretchen M. Wallace to Joyce P. Stevens, 12 Rice Drive, Dallas Township $305,000

Eastern Communities Limited Partnership and Find Line Homes Inc. to Matthew and Katie Ide, 95 Saddle Ridge, Dallas Township, $301,800

Michael Lee and Kim Tampurages to Peter M. and Nicole S. Yochum, 114 Karl Drive, Lehman Township, $475,000

Leo W. and Anastasia M. Karasek to Darren Moore, 188 Ferguson St., Kingston Township, $116,900

John and Lisa D. Vardaros to Joshua P. and Sheena M. Chollack, two parcels, 412 Ryman Road and Ryman Road, Dallas Township, $167,500

Philip J. Jr. and Virginia C. Conrad to Cynthia Post Mitchell, 211 Hillside, Newberry Estates, Dallas, $140,000

Shawn and Lisa M. Ward to Camilla Karns, 35 Trolley Hill Road, Harveys Lake, $72,000

William and Donna Cave to Theresa M. Bynon, 88-90 Jackon St., Dallas, $160,150

William and Donna Cave to Charles W. Gordon III, 115-117 Parrish St., Dallas, $160,150

Cynthia Post Mitchell to Matthew and Stephanie M. Wycallis, two parcels, 376 W. Center Hill Road, Dallas, $295,000

Diane Chollack, William John Kleinfelder, Barbara Stell, Elizabeth Foster and Carlie K. Wetzel to Anthony C. Denisco, Lakeside Drve, Harveys Lake, $675,000

Barbara Runscavage to Joseph David Yuhas, 142 E. Hill Drive, Franklin Township, $109,900

Donald R. and Joyce Lloyd to Diana M. Hoover, 402 Orchard West, Newberry Estates, Dallas, $81,900

Charles W. Jr. and Ellen Machovec to Fern E. Leard, 115 Lincoln St., Dallas Township, $84,800

Rolling Meadows Devleopment Corp. to David J. and Sarah A. Grega, Vista Drive, Jackson Township, $60,000

Landview Properties Inc. to Michelle DeMellier, Lake Catalpa Road, Dallas Township, $54,000

Marshall Rumbaugh to Scott and Stephanie Williams, Upper Demunds Road, Dallas Township, $90,000

Michael Story and William Dewey to William D. Dewey, 1199 Halowhich Road, Lake Township, $151,000

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